Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today's Yard - Tumbleweed Fever

Technically, Spring starts this week.  The Sun has only just come out after days of rain which my northern friends experienced as snow.  Sue tells me my van, back in Virginia, is under not quite a foot of snow, but close.

Here, the events that brought in campers are over and I am free to move on, but I don't have to.  Which is good... I still have some personal things to take care of.  I've done my federal taxes.  State taxes are next.  I'd like to get a copyright registration done.  I have bays yet to clean and organize, although I did the worst of that job during the last warm sunny spell.  But I will be ready soon to travel.

So I'm thinking of where.  I don't want to go northward quite yet... I hear they still have another winter storm coming their way.  I don't want to go into the hills... I'm driving the wrong vehicle for that.  I may knock around southeast Georgia some more...  Florida might be pleasant for a while...  some paid work would be nice...

The road beckons...

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