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Saturday, January 27, 2007

In Forest City NC, they still had their lights up while I was there after Twelfth Night.

They wrap lights all around all the trees along their main drag. So glad my Treo has a camera in it so while I'm driving and can't reach the good Sony I can still snap a shot.

The next week found me at Cornelius, NC. I went twice to Jetter Park on Lake Norman. I did not see
The Lake Norman Monster,
but I did see a watersport I'd never seen before. My son-in-law tells me that's parasailing. It looks like fun.

If it
had been
I could have
rented a

bicycle at Jetter Park but since it was January I walked the park trails, a bit over a mile, enjoying the peace and the scenery.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

And what's cool about MY home?

I had a week off at the beginning of January, and believe me I was not out looking for new cool stuff. I was preparing for my family's holiday gathering. See, we have a few retail workers who can't really get time off to travel at Christmas, so we gather at my daughter's in South Carolina for Twelfth Night.

I did find time, however, to get some exercise - The Campbell County park / recreation area / site of planned library looks like a ball field and fishing pond from the road. Quite a while ago I was driving past it thinking I wish it had a walking track or something. I decided I'd walk around the field rather than go walk around the school parking lots. There were arrows painted in lime on the grass and I followed them - and found a network of trails in the woods behind the field. Wish granted! When it's really wet, there's a stream that makes a little waterfall around the roots of a large tree - it's quite washed out. I have a movie of it but I can't post that here, darn it. There are benches spaced around and bridges over the stream. It's a wonderful short walk over varied terrain, woods and open space, and enough different routes to keep a longer walk interesting. I don't get there really often, so it's fun to return and watch the seasons change.

The Twelfth Night gathering was lots of fun, the whole clan gathered, and we built

The Great Wall of Dr. Pepper for my son-in-law who lives on the stuff.

Cats can do the most amazing tricks with photo flash: