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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Excellent Spring Weekend

Sometimes everything goes right. I finished work with energy left over, as our projects this week were light. The last store we did put me in Kenansville NC for 2 days. Right down the road from a park, a restored historical house, and a really nice little museum.
Liberty Hall
So Wednesday after work I went to the restored historical house, Liberty Hall. I watched the background movie, and was joined by 3 other ladies for the tour.
When we'd finished, we looked around at the outbuildings connected to the Cowen Museum. After a bit it occurred to me that since the buildings were still open, there might be someone still in the museum itself. I knocked, and sure enough, Ms. Cowan was vacuuming and let me come in and look around. She showed me lots of the cool things that were there before she finished cleaning and locked up. Then I parked at the park, ran my generator, recharged my camera as I'd gone through both batteries.

The Cowan Museum

Thursday I returned to the museum to see the rest of it. It was a really nice collection and Ms. Cowan a fountain of information.
Then I drove to the campground I'd picked for the weekend - Neuseway Nature Center and Campground in Kinston.
Neuseway Nature Park and Campground
For $10/night I expected something that looked rather like a small crowded trailer park. Nope: This is a small well-kept campground along the river, with full hookups recently installed and in excellent condition. I took the last open riverside site and it was perfect. A large class A motorhome between me and the bright night light. No one home in the campsite next door. Fire ring with wood from a previous occupant. Perfect weather. A nature center with live and taxidermized (Is that a word? It should be.) critters. A planetarium. Excellent fireworks display in town, clearly visible on Thursday night from my campsite. Friendly fellow campers to enjoy the weekend with.
I decided to dump all the productive "shoulds" and just enjoy it, and gee whiz, I'm actually being more productive after work this week.