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Friday, February 08, 2013

Hook repairs, cooking and relaxing

Here is some of what I've been doing lately.
When I first moved into this rig, I hung some things up with cup hooks. I particularly like these hooks with the extra metal keepers. Nothing bounces off them while I'm driving. My kitchen shears and coffee filter basket hang on this kind of hook. Over time, though, with the constant use these items get, the hooks had gotten loose. Motorhome walls are, after all, just paneling.
There are, of course, special bits of hardware to securely hold things in paneling. I haven't had such good luck with those things, though. This time I tried something different.
I took the hook out of the wall, coated its threads with wood glue, and screwed it back in. Then I refrained from putting the utensils back on until the glue was thoroughly dry. They feel nice and secure now.
Being in Georgia, it is often warm enough to cook outside. I have the usual propane grill and a butane burner - but a few years ago at a rummage sale, I picked up this little grill. It folds up flat and lives in a small canvas bag when not in use. Set up, it will hold a wood fire, or with a wire rack to raise the fuel up it will take charcoal. It works quite nicely.

Of course, even in Georgia it isn't always warm. It is winter, after all. I had seen these little electric heaters that look like fire places several times over the past couple of years and didn't really think I could fit one in the rig. It's hard to tell when they're in the box. In December I saw one on the sales floor at Camping World, in action, and knew I'd really like to have one. There was still the space issue.
Then while I was visiting my young'uns over the holidays, I saw them at Walmart for $50. But it is not a good idea to shop for yourself just before Christmas, so I didn't buy it. The next time I saw them, they were at the Walmart near here, in Baxley GA, for about $70. By this time I really wanted one, but wasn't paying that much for it.
I was helping one of our campers with her hookups and she had the box from one of these heaters - she had just bought it at that same Walmart for $50 - the price had gone down in the intervening weeks. So off I went. I had just done a clean and purge in the living room, and knew where to put it, so there it is.
By the way, it is not "A Real Fire". The heat comes out the bottom and goes forward, so the tote of paperwork is perfectly happy, and perfectly cool, sitting on top of the heater.

Monday, February 04, 2013


I love dawn. My motorhome is facing Southeast, so when it's too cool to sit outside, I sit in the turned-around passenger seat and enjoy my coffee and the dawn through the windshield.

This morning I looked up from my Kindle and the Sunrise I saw impelled me to fly out of the camper and take pictures in all directions - East, South, West, North, Up... The whole sky was lit up and it was beautiful. Hopefully the pictures will convey some of that.