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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today's Yard, January 30

In December it snowed while I was home, and it took my entire week off to shovel that long driveway. I have to go to work tomorrow afternoon so I parked in a more advantageous spot before the current episode of "global warming" began to fall. I will only have maybe 10' of snow between me and the road. Much better.
Estudio español: may need to go seriously south.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today's yard, January 19 2009

I am so glad to say goodbye to that cold spell. This week it's warm and the sun is shining and I'm really enjoying it.
I'm sitting at a Statesville NC park 2 miles from tomorrow's workplace, reading Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's latest, Burning Shadows, and soaking up enough sunshine to fry a Vampire.
If you like Vampire stories, check out this series. Her protagonist, Saint Germain, is my all-time favorite vampire.

It's a nice park: a network of walking trails lace through the grounds, so I could walk around the pond 5 times without repeating my route. Benches and swings to sit on while reading and playing guitar. Everything I need to help me keep my new years resolutions. Music? Check. Exercise? Check. Eat healthy? Check. Now, back to that book...