Sunday, March 23, 2014

Loose Ends

As the winter draws to a close, I'm working on tying up the loose ends and getting ready for travel.

7 weeks ago, my friend Ellen came to camp here for a week or two. She found it such a peaceful, relaxing place to be, and such a good place to take care of stuff and sorting and ordering needful items from Amazon and what not, that she stayed until today. I really enjoyed our visit.

While she was packing and loading, I was crossing things off my to do list. This is one I'd been meaning to take care of for a while.

Years ago, I dated a blacksmith. He made me a bunch of towel rods and hooks for the travel trailer I lived in at the time, and they've been moved from RV to RV ever since. One of the towel bars you have seen in my kitchen, holding pot lids.

Today I replaced the original towel bar in the bathroom with the last 2 unhung towel bars.

I moved the original towel bar down to the bottom of the bathroom door, where it now keeps slippers and shoes out of the way.


  1. that's a great idea for the slippers.. wow.. always great to read.. though a cold winter it seems it has passed fast for you. Glad you had a friend to share it with this year. Hugs

  2. Pretty handy way to put away the slippers. I like it!


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