Sunday, March 16, 2014

Peaches to Beaches - 200 miles of Stuff

Stagger Lee Music Park, where I've been camp hosting, is conveniently located just off GA 341 between Hazlehurst and Baxley, which for this past weekend was home to the Peaches To Beaches 200 mile long yard sale. Of course, Ellen & I went looking for bargains - and to enjoy the sunshine - and to see what was out there at all those sales.

Sales ranged from single family sales at homes along the highway, through group sales, up to this ball park filled with yard sale hopefuls, vendors, and food vendors.

And lots of bargain hunters.

You could find items from used clothing - there was a LOT of used clothing - to antiques.

Ellen found a few things she wanted, and I found a few things I wanted.  I had been searching for a wind up watch, and found one.  ONE.  They've become an endangered species.  I found an LL Bean Boat and Tote bag, and some lanterns, and some tiny tea sets which little girls at Rendezvous will enjoy playing with.
And we found Girl Scout Cookies.

But all in all, we did not buy much.  We live in RVs.  Some people were shopping with pickup trucks and trailers.  I'm not sure what all they found to put in them, but they were doing it.

Having spent so much time in the past few years trying to get rid of extra Stuff (and there's more to be done), I am mostly amazed at the overwhelming amount of used stuff people are trying to get rid of.

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