Thursday, March 06, 2014

Peaches to Beaches coming up soon!

I'm camp hosting at Stagger Lee Music Park in southeast Georgia. Half way between Hazlehurst and Baxley. The annual outage at Plant Hatch, which brought many workers to stay at the campground, is over and almost all of them have gone on to their next job site.

I have been enjoying the company of friends from the Vandwelling community. Ellen, who travels with her German Shepherd dog in a Coach House class B, came to visit me, stay warm, and catch up with herself. Ed Helvey stopped in on his northward migration. It's been a lot of fun.

The next thing coming up here is the annual Peaches to Beaches yard sale. This is Georgia's longest yard sale and runs for 200 miles along Route 341. We are located right off 341, so we are a convenient and economical location for shoppers with campers to park and shop the sales both days. Last year one couple arrived with their Class C motorhome, and their van and cargo trailer. The van and cargo trailer arrived empty and left stuffed to the gills the next evening with new stock for their shop.

Many vendors will be set up right at the end of our road, where it meets 341, at Ray's Steak and Ribs. Ray's, incidentally, makes some darn good ribs. Ellen and I ate there last Friday and can vouch for that.

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  1. So cool.. Yes the rain could stop and get a bit warmer soon. I've long said that March was the dampest/coldest month in many ways here. When we use to open the shop up at the Pavilion the weekends in March we froze.. hugs


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