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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Order Out Of Chaos!

Finally the insulation is in, the plywood is cut to fit. And to fit through the motorhome door and turn with all the kitchen etc. in the way. To do that, we had to cut about a foot off one end and piece it.

I bought headliner vinyl for the underside of the platform, and was pleased to find a perfect match to what was in the cab already. It's more brown than it looks in the picture but the flash changed things. I glued it to the plywood and stapled it in place and we put the plywood platform into the cabover and screwed it down. A metal channel trims the edge and adds stability.

It's a lovely, roomy cabover. Right now, without the mattress, I can sit up in there! I wish my futon were not so thick: it will eat up space. Anyway, the inside work on the cabover is complete. All that remains is to put the futon up there. Outside, there's more waterproofing to do. That will wait for another day.
I got to clean up the tools (they're sitting on the platform instead of all over the living area!), vaccuum, wash, and generally return the coach to livability.

Aaaaah! Now I can resume moving my Stuff in.

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