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Friday, July 21, 2006

I've often referred to the cabover bed in Class C motorhomes as the "cat perch". When the chaos died down and Scamper came into the Escaper for the first time, she looked around and then hopped right up there, confirming my opinion. She should know.

The Escaper
went with me on it's first full work trip, to Suffolk VA, as I wrote last time.

I rearrange supermarkets. When you go in and the cat food's always been on Aisle 3 and now it's on Aisle 8 - we did that. Usually I work in Food Lions.

Two things I always look for when I go somewhere for work are pleasant places to walk, and the location of the nearest Curves. I check with the store's Zip Code and when I get to the work site, I know where to work out.
There were Curves near all four of the stores in Suffolk area that week. The fountain was part of the development behind the Carrolton store. They had a pool and miniature golf, too. Looked like a nice - but expensive - community.

This week I took the Escaper up to Walkerville, MD. We did a night set, with long hours, so I didn't have time or energy for much exploring. The challenge is to sleep in the daytime heat. Fortunately, this store's parking lot actually had a shady spot - a line of parking places sheltered by the relatively large trees along the street. Shade in a supermarket parking lot is highly unusual, so I was VERY happy to park in it.

Walkersville has a Curves, and a library with internet access so I was able to get my email. Walkerville also has an RV store, Endless Summer RV's,, where I found the torsion spring my awning needs which my local RV repair shop didn't have in stock. Nice folks, and good coffee, too.

They sell Holiday Ramblers there, and I had to look. I just looked at a few that were near where I had parked. They were very large and beautiful. Closet space is often at a premium in an RV, but some models had a full-width closet in back! And then there was one - what were they thinking?!? Beautiful, large, expensive, slide-out, 2 bathrooms but I only found one closet - a foot wide, outfitted with shelves you could remove if you wanted to put clothing in there. Obviously designed for wealthy nudists, I thought.

Now, I've just returned from looking at floor plans on their website for new Holiday Ramblers and I can't find that. Perhaps I missed a closet in the second bathroom? In which case I stand corrected.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings both, we had thunderstorms. I'm happy to report the leaks are gone. I could not find any sign of unwanted water entry anywhere.

I also have found that the Escaper does not get any better mileage than the DodgeLodge did. I was hoping. On the bright side, it's no worse either. Same 6-7 mpg.

I have an appointment to have the torsion spring replaced in 2 weeks, so I should have an awning in time for the bike rally. Not that I've decided whether I'm taking the motorhome or a tent, but if I do take the motorhome it will be nice to have the awning working right.

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