Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ok, Road, here we come, ready or not!

The urgent to do list is done.
We solved the roof leak mystery. We found a major tear in the rubber roof where the satellite dish is installed. It had been patched, but the patch hadn't lasted. What it really needed was to have the satellite out and new rubber, then reinstall the satellite. But since I don't watch TV, we put a temporary patch until next Friday, when the satellite dish will be carefully removed by the RV tech, to be installed on Danny's RV, where I'm sure it will be much happier. Then we'll do a permanent patch where it had been.
Last fall we installed 3 new coach batteries in the DodgeLodge. Yesterday we took them out and put them in the Escaper, putting the single coach battery that came with it in the DodgeLodge. The Escaper's coach battery is in the engine compartment, so we (Danny, really) fished the cables down through and along the frame and into the cargo compartment where the other 2 batteries live. Power to go!

I spent the evening cleaning house and I'm ready to drive! A place for everything and everything in its place. It better be: I have good brakes. You can't be sloppy in an RV 'cause you have to clean house before you drive. Each time. Make sure cabinets are shut. Use the checklist.

The dreamcatcher is hung.

Beadwork and music are neatly stashed in the back bedroom. Now maybe I'll get some done! There's a fan there and one up front. They run on DC so they'll keep me cool when the a/c, which requires AC, won't. (sorry, couldn't resist.)

The galley is ready for use. Those baskets won't go anywhere. They're held in place by non-slip stuff and the ridge of the stove cover. Did I mention that's a full size sink in this rig! Like in a house. Not the tiny micro-sink I've had in previous rigs. My dishpans can go in the compartment with the "picnic table stuff" now.

Dollar Tree had the right color non-slip stuff. I don't know what it's technically called but it's great at holding things in place as you drive down the road, and I've been using it for years. Blue cups in the cupholders: one gives me a place to dump loose change, and the other will be a vase.

The basket on the dinette holds salt & pepper and all the little things that would otherwise be clutter. Books and tools and blankets and the good china all found places to hide in the seat storage. Hoses and leveling blocks have a place in an exterior compartment. Likewise the "picnic table stuff".

It's always a challenge to find a place for long things: umbrellas, fishing rods, awning tools, boom mic stands, brooms. (Especially brooms. Any RV that doesn't have a central vac ought to have a broom closet! RV Manufacturers, take note.)

So - while like any house (or vehicle ;) ) there's always a to-do list - I'm ready.
Tomorrow, we drive!

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