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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Escaper and I have had our first full work week together. We did supermarkets a couple hundred miles east of home, in the Suffolk VA area. The motorhome drives well, handles well, and is so comfy to live in. The stores had relatively level parking lots; I only had to get out a leveling block once.

We (me and the rig) drove home through helacious thunder storms and the only leaking apparent was a minimal amount from the satellite antenna situation. Good. No water in the cabover, none in the bedroom. Our efforts were successful.

We spent this hot Friday morning at the RV service place here. The satellite antenna is now off my roof! The place where it had been has been neatly patched with rubber roof and Eternabond. I'd seen this stuff discussed on the internet. Now I've seen it applied (I went up on the roof to watch the RV guy apply the patches). It's really really expensive, but it's good. With my older, water-damaged roof, I think I need to own a roll of it.

Besides removing the antenna, I had a steno-page list of things to have done. Some of them got done: I now have a DC outlet in the living area, my shower works, my shoreline plug is repaired correctly, all my lights work, my propane tank's full... I wanted my awning fixed but the spring is broken and they don't carry parts for that brand. They'll see about getting the spring; then I'll have it fixed.

This week, we get to go to Maryland.

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