Friday, July 28, 2006

This week I was in Richmond, with very little interesting to blog about. This is because I started the week with a cold/flu/sinus infection - something undiagnosed and yucky that made me feel like bat crap. So I worked, then I dozed, then I slept. No cool pics, no explorations of parts unknown, no hikes through beautiful woodlands, no workouts at the Curves which was a mere 5? miles from the store. I was SO glad to be in my comfy motorhome with the fridge that kept me supplied with cold salad fixin's and clementines. I went through an entire flat of clementines.
By Thursday, I felt much better. My daughter and I went to Ichiban for sushi after work. Ichiban is our all-time favorite Japanese restaurant. They're listed way up in State of the Plate, both for restaurants and dishes. tells about some of that.
Next week I'm headed to North Carolina and, being more healthy, will perhaps have something to blog about :)

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