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Friday, June 30, 2006

June 30, 2006, pm

I'm frustrated. I've managed to put a few pictures in my blog posts, but mostly it just says it's uploaded but the pictures don't get anywhere. I'm doing the same thing as I'm doing when they DO appear. I've written to blogger and hopefully they'll tell me what's going on.

This picture is here after 10 tries to upload it. Go figure. It's a picture of the bare metal at the base of the cabover. Anything I can remove with my bare hands and a vacuum cleaner needs to be out of my motorhome! Danny worked on it most all day today and it's much closer to being put back together. Tomorrow I'll go get some fabric to match the headliner in the cab, to go on the underside of the plywood where it will show from the driving area. We're going to make it a full time bed platform, without the fold-up stuff, so it will be a bit stronger.

I am so looking forward to having this project completed and the chaos returning to uncluttered order. It really is a pretty motorhome inside when it's not a construction zone!

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  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    was just checking out your tripod sight through the links. I think postage has gone up since then...Do you have an cd's left. I have one of the tapes from back then, I wish I had my originals on the cd. I'll be making then as soon as I can again with all the stuff I have to do it with. Lady J


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