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Sunday, July 23, 2006

All Work And No Play? NOT!

This weekend I turned 56. So my elder daughter and grandson, and my daughter's boyfriend, came out to help me celebrate. We took the Escaper up to Izaak Walton Park, where I'm a member, and spent the day enjoying the facilities there. We swam in the lake, ate lunch, shot archery. When Danny got off work, he joined us and we shot pistols. My grandson couldn't quite manage my longbow but he did manage to hit the target quite nicely with the .22. It was his first time shooting, so he got the first of many safety lessons. All knives are sharp, all guns are loaded, never point a gun at anything you don't want to kill permanently dead.
We had a great time, and when we were ready to leave we made a stop at the dump station to dump and fill the motorhome. It started to rain just as we finished. Perfect timing.
A very fun day, topped off with a wonderful dinner at Outback.


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Happy Birthday - ugh
    Happy Birthday - ugh
    May the Candles on your Cake
    Burn Like Cities in Your Wake
    Happy Birthday - ugh

    to the tune of Volga Boatman

    Evil Grin From Ballad Singin Sue

  2. Anonymous12:12 PM

    This is wonderful. Love the new camper. Moving up in the world there girl. Talk to you soon. Great blogging by the way. A lot of people have gone to these. It's a good idea and kind of motivates you to keep thinking of sharing your story. I like the picture idea too! your friend, Lady J


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