Friday, April 04, 2014

Today's Yard: Whitewater Creek Park

After nearly 3 months of peace and quiet at Stagger Lee Music Park, I went off to work last Sunday, spending the next 4 days in the supermarket parking lot.  When not used to it, I remember how noisy modern civilization is.  People.  Emergency vehicles.  Traffic noise. 
And traffic vibration.  I could actually feel the floor, and the earth, vibrate from it, through my feet.
I've been working in supermarkets and staying in their lots for a lot of years, so I'm mostly used to it, but it's never my idea of choice accommodations.  Give me trees, water, quiet - please!
So right after work, on the recommendation of a local friend, I came here for the weekend.  Whitewater Creek Park is a county park right by Whitewater State Park.  Trees, lake, quiet...  Much better now.

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  1. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Your observations are so spot on. Give me the quiet wood anytime.


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