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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Today's Yard: Dames Ferry Park

Today's Yard, at Dames Ferry Park on Lake Juliette
Since my last post, from the lovely and peaceful Whitewater Creek Park, I

  • finished out my week there and took lots of pictures
  • Camped at Andersonville City Park in Andersonville GA
  • Toured their museum and pioneer village, ate good food, ate good ice cream
  • Toured the NPS Andersonville site and POW museum
  • Helped convert a Harvey's Supermarket to a Food Lion Supermarket in Americus GA
  • Toured the Global Village and Discovery Center at Habitat for Humanity's headquarters
  • Visited Plains GA, where I toured the Jimmy Carter NHS, Billy Carter's gas station, and their childhood home farm
  • Got sick.  By the end of Thursday, my throat was horribly sore, I was feverish, and the skies were scheduled to open up upon us.  I thought maybe some wasabe would help, so I had dinner at the oriental buffet across from the Americus Walmart, then spent the night in the Walmart parking lot.  By this time I really felt pretty awful, but I figured I would get up in the morning and return to Andersonville or Whitewater and get a campsite.  
  • By Friday morning it was raining cats and dogs and confederate soldiers, and my sinuses were seconding the motion.  I did not move.  I did not drive.  I did nothing but take ZICAM and read Facebook and If Ever I Return, Pretty Peggy-O by Sharyn McCrumb.  Read it.  Read everything she writes.  Good stuff.  
  • Anyway...  by this morning (Saturday) my fever was gone and I felt almost human.  I went into Walmart to replenish the ZICAM supply and thank the Store Manager profusely for their pro-RV policy.  When you're traveling in unfamiliar territory, and illness and flood warnings coincide, a Walmart on high ground is a wonderful blessing.
  • I fed the motor home 40 gallons of gas and 2 turkey basters of steering fluid - where DOES that stuff go? - and headed north to Dames Ferry Park at Lake Juliette, Jackson?  GA  which turns out to be even prettier than what I'd seen on Google's satellite view.  I have a LAKE in my front yard - one that is supposed to be there.   Unfortunately, it's still drizzling rain.  I really hope it clears up by tomorrow because I want to be outside making Vitamin D and enjoying the lakeside.  And wishing my kayak were here with me.  Again.  NTS: don't go south without the boat!!!
  • The other thing I did, while I was at Jimmy Carter's boyhood farm, was run out of room on the memory card in my camera.  Fortunately, I have a camera in the phone too.  I promise I will go through the pictures and post the details of those excursions.  Tune in in a day or two...

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  1. I'm missing having a nice waterfront site. I have been here too long - almost 7 months. I will be on the road again soon and hope to find a few nice parks to stay at until I get to my next job. I hope to head east in 2015, I've been seeing a lot of blogs showing RV sites in Georgia.


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