Monday, April 21, 2014

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

This post, and the next, will be about my visit to Habitat for Humanity's headquarters in Americus, GA.  If you don't know, you can read about who they are and what they do on their website.  I'm going to assume that you have heard of their work, and go on to show you about my visit.

They have set up the GLOBAL VILLAGE AND DISCOVERY CENTER so that we can see what they are doing in other countries.  But first they want us to know what conditions are like in some parts of the world, and to understand how very needed plain, basic, decent, sound, functional housing is.

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.
Coincidentally, at the current USA minimum wage of $7.25/hr, a worker could earn about $1,231 in ONE month, not the 31 months it would take the minimum wage worker in Lima.

What really got me is the 728 administrative steps over three years. Really!?!

Come with me... Enter the reconstruction of a poor settlement, imagine yourself living there, trying to make a better life, trying to survive from day to day...

You would try to make a home.

You would use the community outhouse...
You might raise a chicken or two if you could.
You would gather for worship.

You would teach your children.
There would be stores, meager stores..

In my next post I'll show the examples they've built here of the homes they help people build there.
Right now, though, I'm going to watch the fisherman and the dog on the point across the sparkling sunlit waters and count my blessings - not that I can count that high...

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