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Monday, April 21, 2014

Dames Ferry Park at Lake Juliette in Georgia

It's peaceful, and beautiful, and quiet - it has electricity - I'm not quite well yet - and really, I just didn't want to leave, so I sprung for another night and don't have to leave 'til tomorrow.

This is my camp, seen from finger of land that's off to my right when I'm in camp. I hope I can come back here, for a longer time, WITH my kayak.

This was my neighborhood on Easter Weekend. On the finger of land I'm shooting from is a picnic pavillion, which was rented by folks having an Easter party, with easter eggs hidden for the kids.
The RVs next to me had some sort of gathering - I could tell from the bits of conversation that there was lots of food involved.

There are no bad sites here, just a nice variety. This one has a patio. Various sites have more or less lake access, or more or less shade, or more or less space.

There are tent sites also, some in the sun

And some in the shade.

There's another pavillion up by the bath house, and the bath house is well built and clean.

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