Sunday, May 12, 2013

Little Green Frogs Like My Motorhome.

Last week I drove up to Virginia from my South Carolina daughter's place. I stopped at the Kangaroo truck stop for gas and sleep. (It's the first easy gas stop I come to after bypassing all the expensive North Carolina stations.) I got my gas, then parked for the night. As I turned the ignition off, I saw movement to the left and looked: a little green frog was scooting across my side mirror!

Actually, there were two of them. After I'd taken pictures of them, I relocated them to the grassy field behind the truck stop, where I hope they will go do what frogs do and not be run over by 18-wheelers.

So I got to the Home Driveway on Thursday and parked. I settled in, did 2 days worth of cleaning, working, visiting, what-not, and last night I was sitting in my comfy nest which is the passenger seat turned to face the living room - and saw yet another little green frog on my window! Since I'm parked someplace safe and green, I'm sure he will figure it out and disembark on his own - I haven't seen him this morning.

I don't know whether they came up from Georgia with me, or got on board in South Carolina, or whether they came on at my North Carolina friend's house - but they're Virginia frogs now.

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  1. I have those too. They are barking frogs if they are the same kind. Loud noises can cause them to bark. I think they are kind of funny & am always relocating them off my RV too. I took my RV in for an exhaust leak repair. Then I heard the frog bark, it was somewhere in the engine area. I told the guy to be careful because I had a hitch hiker (they pee in your hands when you handle them, so be sure to wash your hands - otherwise, I guess they are harmless)


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