Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fitting Stuff In

The Escaper motorhome, which I was moving into when I started this blog, has finally found a new home. As a result, I now have a kayak. I've been wanting one for a very long time - and I don't have to insure, store, or register this vehicle with DMV. I did, however, have to take it with me from Lynchburg to Ruckersville. I'm glad it was not a long trip.

I've been meaning to post this picture for a while. It's just a way to keep things put in the fridge while going down the road.


  1. Just last week I was wondering if I could travel with a kayak inside my small motorhome. I would like to get a kayak, but don't want to try and tie it to the outside of the RV.

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    2. Gypsy old is your rig? Mine's a 1981 and I plan on taking "48 Ugly" to the lower 48 before I upgrade.

      You are featured on my website . I'd also like to e-mail you a letter I've been sending out to my favorite bloggers about permissions to use images on the site. My e-mail is kwyward9 AT

    3. Mine's a 92. I do not plan on taking it to all 48 states - there are mountains. That's what my van's for!

  2. always thought that would be neat to do. I miss canoeing down the river

  3. I will be looking into kayak racks for outside. It took 2 people to get it in and 2 people to get it out.
    (Putting back what I removed hoping I could just edit it.)


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