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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today's Yard Sept. 19

Wow - I'm home. I usually get here more often than I have recently. My non-traveling cat Scamper even admits she's glad to see me.
A mountain of mail to go through. Trips to the mechanic . Visits with friends. Summer clothes to take out of the rig, fall clothes & warm fuzzies & Mr. Heater to put in. Preparations to make for the Eastern Rendezvous.
I worked near home last week and will again this week, commuting by car. This is good: I can prepare for the Rendezvous without missing work, and take the time AFTER, to recover. The jet lag from fast-forwarding 200 years is - well, it's hard to go directly back to work.
Saturday: crisp but still pleasantly warm. The first hint of fall, the seeds of October. Riding weather.

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