Friday, September 04, 2009

Today's Yard 9/4

Today's yard is gonna wait: it's Friday. Friday is cleaning day in the Escaper and it's a chore I can't escape.
My new leveling blocks are neatly stowed in the compartment and on the scooter rack. I need to find a temporary spot for the old broken ones which will become firewood at my next campground.
My stove area got a good scrubbing, right down to the spice jar lids and the burners that never get used: the ones in back.
That slightly battered Revere Ware whistling teapot was the very first piece of kitchen stuff I bought for my very first motor home back in 1995. It has served me well despite numerous unplanned trips to the floor.
Yes, two of the stove knobs are missing. They were carefully put away one day after I turned a back burner on by mistake and cooked the nonslip mat on the stove cover and whatever was sitting on it. I don't ever want to do that again, and with the knobs hidden away no one ever will.
OK Gypsy, enough blogging, go back to cleaning.

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  1. Friday is cleaning day here too - laundry done, dishes done, litter changed, garbage out & floors washed. Time to iron uniform & make my work lunch, then do a bit of reading before I go to work.


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