Thursday, April 03, 2008

Reasons why working at the beach this time of year is wonderful:

1. palm trees - I love the palmetto trees. When I see them, I know I won't get snowed on. palm tree2. beach / ocean / sunshine - especially watching the sun rise over the ocean from the beach - but the daylight is more abundant at the beach because the land is flat - and I get a bit of seasonal affective disorder - sunlight is my friend.
surfer at Carolina Beach3. architecture - most beach houses are up on stilts for coolness, large househave lots of porches and decks and come in lots of bright and pastel colors. colorful housesAnd they come in all sizes, too,
small house

4. friendly locals - It's too early for the tourist season and the people who live at the beach seem friendly, easy to talk with, relaxed.

5. outdoor living - maybe that's why. People are out and about, on the beach, on the decks and porches, on the sidewalks, at the park. Taking advantage of that sunshine.

6. attractions- aquarium, etc. On this trip it was an aquarium. aquariumThey were having a scales & tails event, with private collections of reptiles. tree frogNow I'm glad that when I was a kid and was offered a pet iguana, I declined.

small iguanaThey get quite big and challenging to care for. The label warns: he bites. There were pictures of the results of that, too.

big iguana I did get to hold a few snakes - my favorite was a python. snake7. shells - I picked up a few - some will be focal beads for necklaces, most of them I gave to Susan, another friend who does beadwork also.
shells on the beach

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