Tuesday, October 02, 2007


My friend Sue and I have just returned from the Eastern Primitive Rendezvous, a 10-day camping event in the 18th Century.

The time period is 1750 - 1840. We camp in period tents, wear the clothes of the era, and practice the skills of that time. We cook over open fires, shoot muzzleloaders, throw hawks and knives, have archery tournaments. Sing around campfires. And go shopping.

Here a friend of mine is being fitted for buckle shoes. I bought a pair also, having traded off my old ones.

We dress as mountain men, Indians, suttlers, settlers, colonial businessmen, soldiers, anyone who might have been back then. Some of the most picturesque are members of Clan Wolf, who portray Scots...

And hold Scottish Games. Here they are Tossing the Caber.

Of course, a couple of times it rained. When I tell them about Rendezvous, sometimes people ask me "What do you do when it rains?"

We get wet.

Keep reading. i've played catch-up and posted several posts at once.


  1. Hey Jane -

    Looks like fun. I see some Dutch ovens hanging around. Do you like Dutch oven cooking? I'm in the learning stage.

  2. Yes. Food always tastes better prepared outdoors, cooked on wood. Sue has a large dutch for sale; you probably saw that one on her trade blanket in the picture of our camp.
    My favorite recipe is to cook onions in a small dutch, add a bunch of veggies and let them get slightly cooked, pour a bunch of beaten eggs in, put the lid on and put coals over top. The eggs puff up and you have something like a veggie souffle. I have found people are quite willing to split wood EARLY in the morning with this for a bribe :)


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