Tuesday, October 02, 2007


And catch-up time! Ah - a moment to breathe. And post. Kate's right, it's been a

while. Since I last posted, I've squeezed in some extra work in addition to the normal, gone to NC and back to tidewater, had my scoot fixed and ordered a door for the motorhome, and taken a week off to visit the 18th Century. That's another post, though. This one is to show you some of that beadwork I've been doing.

These are the sort of earrings I taught the class on.
And this is a set with a choker to match - my current favorite of my quill stuff.

I had these neat little black beads with white lines in them, like the back of a skunk. (I really like skunks.) It took 3 different bead stores to accumulate the rest of the beads. But that's normal - and that's why I can't get out of any bead store with all my money.

I had a paisley pattern top I wore a lot and had no jewelry to go with - so I wore it to the bead store and matched the beads to the top.
And discovered they go with darn near everything I own. There's a necklace, bracelet, earrings, anklet, and cell phone leash. Cell phone leashes are important jewelry - if you are totally dependent on your Treo like I am, you can't have it dropping off your waist at an inopportune moment.

I've had the large beads for this for ages. The tubes between them are peyote stitch.

These are some bracelets, in various bead weaving stitches.

And this is a terrible picture of my favorite set. I promise to shoot it with the good camera and replace this.
Don't know if you can see it - that's a cat on the pendant, and the earrings are little cat heads. The oval beads have a pattern that looks like their tails.

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