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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pinehurst RV Resort is a city run campground in Pinehurst, NC. It was maybe 10 miles from the store I'd just finished, and R&R was in order.

I set up camp, coaxed my warped-out-of-shape door into closing and latching, and headed for the pool.

After a refreshing swim in total solitude, I took a walk around the campground.

There was a larger percentage of big Class A motorhomes than I normally see in a park I can afford. Beautiful rigs.

I noticed that although there were plenty of RVs, there were no people outside enjoying the campground. Finally I figured it out: This was the middle of golf country. There are LOTS of golf courses around here, and the denizens of these big rigs were on the links enjoying the outdoors there instead of in the campground.

This bunny posed for an amazingly long time, showing off how well she blends in with the scenery.

There were a couple of rigs for sale in their storage area. I particularly like this one - about the size of mine but with a basement.

This is their lake, a peaceful place to be. I look forward to another visit.

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