Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Canoe trip, critters, lights... bits and pieces left from pre-Eastern Rendezvous posts.

Sometimes at lunchtime, especially if it's a night set or a new store, a bunch of us will get together and have lunch in the parking lot. This time, we were joined by a few critters.

I'd always seen GREEN praying mantids. This one was brown. Sue said it was probably a Carolina Mantid.
( Note: now that she's seen it, she says no, it's either an American or Chinese Mantid. )

I went back to the Chesapeake Campground to have some more of the available fun - a friend joined me for a trip up the Dismal Swamp canal. We rented a canoe from the campground. It was a beautiful day for it.

I have always wanted lights for my awning. Kroger had some on clearance that I liked, so now I have a set. They make systems to hang your lights from the channel on the awning but I didn't have any so I made my own. I used bone hairpipe (beads) and hemp from my jewelry making supplies. The hairpipe fit in the channel perfectly, and the loops of hemp held the lights up.

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