Sunday, October 28, 2007

I hope this isn't going to be an annual tradition!
Seems like about this time last year my roof sprung a major leak just before a 4 day rainstorm. Now in the midst of drought it's done it again. The rain started Tuesday in NC. Apparently I wasn't quite level - I had a few drips at the doorway but nothing that looked catastrophic. We finished the store and I drove to my friend Phylis's house and the leaking started in earnest. After I'd dumped the third dishpan I re-leveled to again have the drivers side a bit high and the rain went to the curb side more. Still wet as *expletive deleted*.

With plastic bags covering things that ought not get wet as best as I could set it up, I went in her house and finished a few beading projects. What can you do?

This morning the sun came out and I began a project I had not planned on until spring: removing the yucky carpet. Only now it was a WET yucky carpet. I know carpet's easy, cheap, and looks good in a showroom, but I think it's nothing but stupid to put it in a motorhome. This is the third motorhome I've ripped the carpet out of and replaced with sweepable flooring - but the first one I've done under duress. The floor has to dry as soon as possible.

I would have liked to see hardwood flooring - fat chance - but I was relieved to find chip board under the carpet and not that horrible pressed sawdust stuff my old travel trailer was floored with. THAT stuff disintegrates if you cry over it, never mind have a leaky roof.

I tore out as much wet yucky carpet as I could, then drove to my son-in-laws' parents' house, otherwise known as Tool Heaven, where Thom and his tools removed the table I couldn't get off the wall so I could get the rest of the wet yucky carpet. Thank you Thom!

Now I have a ceramic heater and another fan doing their best to help the floor dry out. Stuff is in odd places. The wall table is cleaned and polished in normally unreachable places.

The A/C cover is off. Water got in there and every time I stepped on the brake it sloshed out. So now it's drying and I need a new filter. Not that I ever USE the A/C. It requires AC electricity and makes too much darn noise. I'd be ok replacing it with a roof vent with a fan in it.

Thom and I climbed up and looked for the source of leakage. Unlike the last 3 leaks, it was not obvious. I know it's forward of the air conditioner - or perhaps it IS the air conditioner. But it's not something I can see. I need a new roof. I can't afford a new roof. So I must find something that works in the interim. Maybe that paint-on rubber roof stuff? Gee I hope it doesn't rain where I am until I figure it out. There's still a drought, and I hope it gently rains all over the East Coast except where I am. Just not IN my motorhome!

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