Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gastonia's a great place to send me to work, because one of my kids lives nearby. She and I went to the Schiele Museum of Natural History to see their special exhibit, Buffalo Nation, about the people of the Plains.

They made me homesick - it's been about 4 years since my tipi wore out. This well appointed lodge is furnished inside with replica gear by Linda Holley.

Linda, whom I know from Rendezvous, is also responsible for the horse gear.

It's really hard to take pictures in a museum because you can't use a flash. Flash isn't good for artifacts, plus it reflects off display cases. And I can't hold still enough long enough for the slow exposure required for without one. So these are the best of the pictures - the rest were too blurry to post.

It did make me want to take a few months off from work to do some beadwork and quillwork and tanning - things I haven't done in quite a while but sure did enjoy when I did them.

But, I have this addiction to paychecks, and I have a darn cool job, so I'll keep on messing around with groceries and see what's down the next road.

These buffalo (bison) calves are 8 weeks old.

I've posted several posts today, playing catch-up, so keep reading, all the way down through Brookgreen Again.

May there be a Road!

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