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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brookgreen Again?!

Oh, yes.

I was blessed with a return trip to the beach to do a set which had been cancelled earlier.

I am so glad I'd been to Brookgreen before spring really started. It was all about the statues that time. This time, it was all about spring.

Good as these sculptors are, they're competing with nature here.

The azaleas (this was the day before that heavy frost hit) were in full bloom everywhere. Seemed like everything else was too.

I went to the zoo part this time, and took the feed the animals tour.

The otters were great fun to watch, but darned hard to photograph - they don't hold still.

The docent told me that alligators slow their metabolisms in the winter to where they only have to breathe like once a day! Not that they have fast metabolisms any other time - they can get by on 30 pounds of food a year, too. They can eat anything, but only need just a little bit of it.

Another thing I never knew: foxes climb trees. This one's a grey fox; they can just walk up a tree like a cat. Red foxes aren't supposed to be able to climb trees, but the docent says the ones in their enclosure do it anyway - they probably learned from the greys.

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