Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's Yard August 28

Friday Morning, peace surrounds me. Kings Mountain State Park campground fills up over the weekend but few are here now and they are apparently still sleeping. From my picnic table I can only see one rig: the camp host. Another is behind me, across the road. A scattering of others out of sight.
The weekend is well begun: email's caught up, I've been for a walk & a scoot ride and the new song is down to the minor tweaking stage. It's a genre I never thought i'd write in, musically, but I don't really create songs. More like I give birth to them. So this 59 year old woman gives birth to a rap tune - what's up with that? Not that any gangsta would rap these lyrics.
30 years ago I was giving birth for real - Today is my younger daughter's birthday. I'm blessed with assignments near her all month so later today I'll go there and we'll celebrate.
Life is good. May there be a road!

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