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Saturday, October 04, 2008

An Eating Weekend

I got a new laptop! So instead of spending computer time posting blog, I've been spending computer time getting it set up and loaded with programs and what-not. Things that ran fine on XP are now running fine on VISTA but it took me a little figuring out on some of them. Even my Palm Desktop and Quick Install are running fine, in spite of all the statements on the internet that Quick Install won't run on VISTA.

Anyway, while I was doing all this, my motor home was taking me to Food Lions from South Carolina to Virginia and mostly in North Carolina, as usual. It's probably time I worked through the resulting photographs and told you about some of the cool things I did between work and work.

The quickest to post, and therefore the first: I went to the Roanoke Greek Festival at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Roanoke VA.

They had music and dancing and storytelling and stuff to buy pertaining to Greek culture, tours of the church (very interesting to me since one of my bestest friends is an Orthodox Christian). And they had food. OMG, did they have food. The Greeks know how to do food, and can slip calories into my diet like soldiers into Troy. I got a bit of everything and ate leftovers all week. It was absolutely wonderful.

It was an eating weekend: the night before, I'd gone with another friend to Nawab, an Indian restaurant - Indian as in India, not as in Native American. They know how to do food, too. I can't imagine why I'd never eaten any real Indian food before. I certainly will again at the earliest opportunity.

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