Saturday, August 16, 2008

Traveling Companions, and Architecture

It's a small motorhome. If anyone lived in it with me I'd have to kill them ;)
Even my cat stays home in Virginia. But I do now have traveling companions. May I introduce: Strawberry, Chocolate Mint, and Stevia. The Strawberry, in its cute little pot, is because I am obsessed with having a pot of strawberries and have never managed to get them to be productive. The others are because it's nice to brew up a pot of oreo cookie tea. Stevia is a Very Sweet herb, used for sweetening stuff when you still want to be healthy. I talk more about that on my other blog, Sweet Enough Already

My Plants

When we travel, they ride on the steps. When we stop, they come out and enjoy the sunlight while I work.

My plants again

Or while I explore the back roads looking for what's cool wherever I am...

Castle at Harmony NC

Riding around Harmony, NC I stopped to admire the architecture. This castle is on a back road near Van Hoy campground.

Pirates Landing Seafood Restaurant

This is Pirates Landing Seafood Restaurant at exit 85 off I-77 in NC.

Pirates Landing

The Jolly Roger flies and pirates climb the rigging.

Exit pointing down

And when you leave, they tell you where to go ;)

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  1. Fun castle! And DOES the strawberry produce? If so, it's got one up on my pathetic strawberries...


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