Friday, October 10, 2008

I want a Harley!

I want a Harley. Of course, my motorscooter is paid for, and it fits on the rack on the back of the motorhome, so I probably will not be getting a Harley any time soon. But that doesn't stop me wanting one.

I had the pleasure last week of visiting the Harley Davidson museum in Asheboro. They have a service shop and a diner (the menu has motorcycle-oriented names - for instance, Drinks are called "Fluids") downstairs. The museum itself is upstairs.

The Asheboro Harley Davidson MuseumNote to Universal Beneficence: When I say I want a Harley, this bicycle is NOT what I mean. I had no idea H-D had made such. I'd have sure gotten one for my kid, though.

H-D Kid's BicycleThey had lots of vintage bikes, in and out of cases. The ones out of cases were of course much easier to photograph.

Bikes in and out of cases

Great Bike from the pastThis is a price sheet for labor prices in a Harley shop of yesteryear. Oh, to pay these prices today! Right, Sue? Reboring and honing cylinders $5.00 each. Motor overhaul $55 or less.

Labor price schedule from long agoThis is an exact replica of the Captain America bike from Easy Rider.

Copy of the Captain America bike from Easy Rider
This looks like a fun toy - biker leggos? The set will build 3 bikes.

Bike Building set
Gear for yesterday's bikers.
Biker gear

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  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    how neat...some day I want to travel and see things also. lj


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