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Thursday, August 17, 2006

What's Cool About This Place?

That's the question I try to answer during the non-working hours wherever my job takes me. The past 3 weeks were busy - including the weekends - so I didn't get to do any blogging 'til now. What's cool about Lynchburg is I'm working at home this week and having time to post to blog.
In really hot weather, What's Cool About This Place? has a double meaning. 3 weeks ago I was in North Carolina and it was ungodly hot. What was cool about Goldsboro was the town pool. It closed at 5, and I didn't get there 'til 4:25, but it was a lovely swim nevertheless.

Tuesday afternoon I went to the second part of the assignment, in Roanoke Rapids. What's cool about Roanoke Rapids is the canal path. This is a 7-mile hiking trail from the dam on Roanoke Rapids Lake down the Roanoke River to Weldon. The day I went there, the temperature must have been an easy 100 degrees. The Roanoke Canal Museum will have to wait for another time as they were closed. The trail itself, however, was tree-shaded and very inviting as compared with the inside of motorhome. The Escaper had been sitting in a sunny supermarket parking lot all day and it was HOT in there even with the fans running.So I figured I'd walk the trail for a little ways and come back. Right. I'm a big fan of bodies of water and there's a lake at the trail head. There were a few open areas, but most of the trail was shady so I just kept going, past interesting stuff especially the Rochelle Pond, 'til I reached the lake, 1.5 miles and another 1.5 miles back to the motorhome. The folks at work the next day said I was nuts. But it was fun and felt great.

What else was cool about that whole trip was that I could stop and visit friends in Raleigh on the way out and in Lawrenceville VA on the way home. In Lawrenceville, Barb and I took the opportunity to go hear Too Human, I was pleased to discover they were playing Lynchburg the next night, so I went to hear them again with my friend Sue.

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