Saturday, August 26, 2006

A different sort of adventure this week.

First off, I worked locally this week, so I got to catch up on to-do list items that require being home. Like setting up my 18th century camp in the yard, doing maintenance, and getting it ready for the Labor Day weekend Rendezvous. That pretty well filled up the week. My friend Sue came down and we did archery things, too.

On my way home from North Carolina last week, though, I had bought an ostrich egg. So this weekend while my friend Jacki was here, we decided to have scrambled ostrich egg for supper.

They're big eggs.

And hard.

To get into them, you drill a large hole in one end. Then while the whites are slowly leaking out into a measuring cup, you change bits and drill a small hole in the other end.

The yolk sac's too big to come out the big hole.

So you poke the yolk and break it up.

Then you blow
the rest of the contents out into the bowl.
There's more than a quart of egg here, folks.

We used a cup and a half to make scrambled eggs.
Then I froze the rest in ice cube trays. Each cube equals a normal chicken egg for recipe purposes. I froze 2 trays - 2 dozen cubes.
The ostrich farmer had given me the how-to instructions,
and told me that these eggs have no fat, no cholesterol. They do have taste however: they taste amazingly like - eggs.

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