Friday, January 19, 2018

Today's Yard January 19, 1818

Got into my Tardis Wednesday and went back a couple of centuries and put up my camp in the cold wind. It has warmed up and the weather is predicted to be mostly excellent for rendezvous.
This is my new to me light camp, for when I'm toting too much other stuff to have room for my 10x12 wall tent. (The tipi has a new home while I want blogging, and my Travois van has died.) It's a 7x7 hunter tent.  Talk about down-sizing. I've only got the ukulele in camp with me, as the guitar literally won't fit! But it is bunking in with a friend across camp so I can still play it.
Chores are done, water and wood. Dinner is on the fire. I'm home.

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