Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year, New Resolutions, New Old Blog

Did you make New Years' Resolutions?  I did not.  They don't generally end well.  I did spend a lot of time yesterday setting up my BULLET JOURNAL for 2018.  I worked on my address list, which had been eaten by internet moths and was full of holes.  I wished a lot of people a happy new year on Facebook, spent time with family, and a lot of time petting grand-dogs.  And I suddenly realized it had been sooooo long since I've done a blog post that I'd almost forgotten I had a blog - but according to Google, people come here and read.  So it's not a New Years Resolution to resume blogging regularly, but a decision I'm making and it just happens to be January 1.

So here goes:

I love this size
Sometime in the last year or so, I discovered (as so many others did) Bullet Journal.  The flexibility works for me.  After trying various size notebooks I settled on this size as being small enough to carry and large enough to be useful. A leather cover, refillable with lined pads. Its the same size as my Kindle Paperwhite. Turns out it's a B6 size.  I used it through several refills, including the one my grand-dogs ate.

Converted to Travelers Notebook

Then I discovered Travelers Notebooks.  These are covers with elastics which hold inserts.  Infinitely customizable.  The internet is filled with companies and Etsy crafters selling all manner of Travelers Notebook covers and inserts and printables.  But I liked the size cover I already had.

Binder clip holds pen

I took out the insert, fitted it with elastics in the binding to hold TN inserts and a binder clip to hold my pen, put inserts in, continued to bullet journal in one, put things I wanted to keep and not have to recopy in another, experimented...

On a you-tube video - This one - I watched the maker build a Travelers Notebook using a placemat from the Dollar Tree store for a cover.  I'm a "how can I do this on no money" kind of gal, so I bought a placemat, and several composition books from WalMart that were less than $1, and built three more TN's. One large enough for the 5x7" books, and two for the mini-composition books.

Covers made
Inserts Inserted

I'm pleased with the results and expect I'll make more. Maybe with nice leather covers and cool bead charms and stuff.

Like I needed another craft.

See you next blog - I'm serious about blogging regularly again.

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