Tuesday, January 02, 2018

How will you remember 2017?

A friend asked "how will you remember 2017?" This was my answer: "By the love shared, friends made, folks visited, adventures had, serendipities enjoyed, stuff learned." 

I could remember it as the year I had shingles, or the year circumstances screwed me over in one way or another, but why? That's not what I want to keep, what I want to pay attention to, what sparks joy. What sparked joy in 2017? This is NOT a complete list.
In the winter, I camped with van friends and Rendezvous friends and visited housey friends, avoided the snows, learned what spray Floridians use to repel gnats.(NoNatz, if you care.)

As the world turned toward spring, I drifted northwest, visiting friends along the way, some I hadn't seen in 20 years. (Yes, I'm grateful for Facebook.) I went to two Renaissance fairs, 3 or 4 Rendezvous, visited friends, visited some Very cool museums, and added 4 states to my map. Serendipitously, had a visit to a friend whom I didn't know had moved near one of those museums.  

Summer came and my focus was on getting rid of Stuff, which included my big motorhome. It had been a wonderful home when I was working, but as I retired and it got older, it had become more of a stationary house and that wasn't working for me. I did flea markets and cleaning of storage and was Productive. I spent time at my VA daughters', and picked up yet another craft (kumihimo). I went to Ohio for a visit, visited Grandfather Mountain with my family, and was able to help my SC young'uns by kid and dog sitting while they traveled.  

Fall came, and in between some more camping in both centuries, I unloaded more items (big van, tipi) which no longer "grew corn", then migrated south to spend the holidays at my SC daughter's. Finally recovered from the enervation of shingles, I brought my jewelry making supplies and made stuff, and also made some travelers notebooks. And so, that was the year that was. 

2018, the year that will be - keep in mind, as I will: What you pay attention to, you get more of. Fill your days with love , help where you can, appreciate the good stuff. Happy New Year!

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  1. Surely know the feeling. Since retiring the Talk Zone my thoughts of getting online other then facebook has been nill. Wishing you a great new year and hopefully some time we'll get to meet up again. Love watching the adventure.


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