Friday, April 26, 2013

Springing Forward, Indoors edition

I was hoping to have the Spirit of Simplicity manifest in my home by now. Not so much. I still have clutter. But it's not on the top of my woodstove-looking heater. Actually, as I prepare to travel I see that I have accomplished a lot of de-cluttering and simplification - Just nowhere near as much as I'd hoped.

Recently there was a bit of electrifying excitement. It was pouring rain out, and thankfully I was home when some of said rain managed to get inside my walls and short out an electric outlet.

I heard a sizzle, looked up and saw sparks flying across the bedroom! Shut all breakers, unplugged the house, checked for fire.
As it turned out, we have campers here who do electrical and roofing work, so I got my roof sealed (no more water getting in causing excitement) and socket replaced, without having to go anywhere or into hock.

With spring comes all this wonderful daylight. And Reflectix over the windshield. And so much light coming in the east facing windows that I couldn't see. Having just gone through the basement compartments, I had a set of shower curtains I used to use for picnic table tablecloths. They have become my new dinette and living room curtains.


  1. I'm glad the electrical situation wasn't any worse! Very scary stuff. Also glad someone was there to help you out with all that. The curtains look nice.

  2. they look good there...see you found something you needed and didn't have to go buy...that's a win win


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