Thursday, April 04, 2013

Organizing progress - I think.

Part of staying in one place for so long is catching up with myself. So many things hadn't been getting done because it seemed I was always driving or working. That's part of the reason. The other is there simply isn't enough time in the day. Oh, I know, there are 24 hours. I'd swear mine are smaller than some peoples', though, just as 1/24th of a circle is a shorter distance when the radius is smaller.

Anyway, I've been working on the bedroom this week. Remember the nice uncluttered storage unit Danny & I built to hold guitars and stuff when I first moved in? Delete the word "uncluttered" from the description.

I have not managed to Get Rid of Stuff this week. The items I've been messing with are all stuff I need to use more often, not get rid of. But after some successful trips to Wally World for carefully measured plastic containers, stuff is more efficiently organized now.

A major coup of rearrangement for me was that I no longer have my laundry basket sitting out where it was convenient but looked awful.

Until this rearrangement, the alternative locations available were all quite inconvenient. That is not a trait you want in a laundry basket. Now it's stashed in the cabinet under the guitar's bed, right behind the door, easy to get at.

The whole area under there got revamped. The bits of Rendezvous gear I carry (so that I won't miss a 'vous due to all my gear being back in Virginia in the van) have moved from the passenger foot-well to under here. Other items that had been under here have moved to better locations elsewhere.

So while I haven't added much to the Get Rid of Stuff totes this week, I have lowered the clutter level. This is good.

I still wish I had Gay Deceiver, the vehicle/character in several of Robert Heinlein's novels. Really I do!

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