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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gypsy vs. Stuff

Remember that blog where I moved the music stuff out of the cabinet in the bedroom and had an EMPTY CABINET? I did finally get a chance to go through the beadwork supplies that had been crammed into the same cabinet on the other side.

Now it's neat, orderly, and safe to open.

I was able to move about half the beadwork supplies into the other cabinet, so now they're actually usable.

Then next project involved yet another sort-through of clothing. I wanted another empty cabinet. More to the point, I wanted stuff I had to get at every day to not be in the hard-to-reach cabinets over the bed.

While I was at it, I took pictures of my tee shirts. It's a cyberquilt. Eventually, they'll wear out, but I'll still have them.

Now I have the empty cabinet I was hoping for. The other over-bed cabinet holds winter clothes. Everything I actually wear now is reachable. I'm hoping by winter, the winter clothes will be too big and need to be given away. Of course, that never happens to wonderful baggy sweaters, does it?

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  1. Good going there girl! Now come do mine...I have one cabinet full of useless maps & such that I need to clean out. Another full of, and another full of & never ends!


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