Saturday, June 18, 2011

Washing Dishes in a Small Galley

A few posts ago, I added Counter Space to my RV kitchen. It is not, however, where the sink is. The rig came with a drop-down counter extension next to the sink, but it blocks the door. If it's in use, you can't go in or out. Also, this rig has very small sinks. My old dishpans and dish drain from the Escaper do not fit.

Fortunately, I was able to find these tubs at - I think it was Dollar General - which work very well and stack nicely. I found an absorbent drain mat at WalMart, too. I was originally planning to put it under the dish drain, but then discovered I could simply put the dishes on the mat to drain.

Drain dishes on the drain mat

Then, when I'm done, I replace the sink cover over the left sink.

Cover the left sink

Then I slide the mat, dishes and all, onto that cover. Drop the extension and the door is once again usable.

Slide the drain mat, dishes and all, onto the left sink.

Added bonus: the drain mat goes in the washer when it gets dirty.


  1. It looks like a handy device. I am going to attempt installing a similar counter extension in Dod.

  2. Dave, you might want to get hardware and make your own. The ones they sell at RV shops are much smaller than the one I have in the Holiday Rambler. I know: I installed one in the Escaper. It was about half the size of this one.

  3. Looks like my first apartment.

    The Tuckerbag

  4. Wow! Finally found someone that actually shows how they live in their RV. You found a way to make that counter extension really useful. These are very helpful posts to someone that plans to full-time solo in the near future. Thanks.


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