Friday, July 17, 2009

Today's Yard, July 17 2009

Sycamore Lodge, in NC.
I was SO glad to see the pool, after driving up from Santee for 3 hours. This is a private membership campground. I'm here this weekend to take their tour.
The internet access is in the Members' Lodge which is a turn of the (previous) century log lodge, made of huge logs harvested from the land the campground is on. It is large, well-preserved, well-appointed, and comfortable. There's the pool, and a jacuzzi, and a lake complete with boats... A pavillion for entertainment, a game room, another - multi-purpose room? - horseshoes, miniature golf - a doggie park - a playground for kids.
It's a family oriented campground, with lots of kids about and so far they all seem happy and well-behaved.
Life is good.

Oh, yes - the strange contraption in my yard is an INVERSION TABLE. I hang upside down and let gravity be my portable chiropractor. It's great. It really helps. Which is why I allow it to take up space in the motorhome. I want my next motorhome to be a toy hauler so I have room to set it up inside.

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