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Monday, May 26, 2008

Up on the Roof

Why am I up on the roof again?!?

Instead of at work earning money or off playing music with a friend or ???

A couple of years ago, when I bought this motorhome and it had roof issues -

The holes underneath

and holes in your rubber roof are definitely roof issues -
we did a lot of roof repair. While most of the extensively blogged ETERNABOND patching has held up beautifully, followers of this blog know that last fall I was again treated to rain on the inside of the rig. Roof examination showed that the patch above the drivers seat had not held, and I promptly patched that area. And again. And again.

The patches on patches that never would stick down

The problem was that someone in this motorhome's past had painted on a roof treatment which I suspect is the same one I would have used on any of my 3 previous METAL roofs. On rubber, it wasn't adhering so terribly well. The ETERNABOND, as well as the other roof rubber patches I used, were sticking fine - to the non-sticking roof treatment. My bad.

The root of the problem

So in order to have any hope of waterproofing this roof, I must remove ALL the old roof treatment. Including that which "appears" to be adhering well, since experience has taught me that it will let go later.

Fortunately, we found a paint remover, Citristrip, which makes this a relatively easy, albeit tedious, job. Paint it on a small section of roof, wait an hour, strip it off, scrub off the remaining grey glop, do another section. Slow going, but it's going.

Citristrip at work removing the goop

Then wash the roof thoroughly. The "instructions" suggest a pressure washer. If I could pressure wash my roof I wouldn't have to DO all this.

Did you know: Spic'n'Span doesn't come in powder any more? At least not in my supermarket. Only liquid cleaners.

Amazing the little pinholes in rubber you find when you're scrubbing the roof right up close and personal. Each of them filled with rubber cement now.

More ETERNABOND patches for the big holes. This time they'll stick.

The next step is to remove the air conditioner (how???), clean again, install a DC fan in the vent, pour rubber, and pray a lot.

Unfortunately, it is predicted to start thunderstorms tomorrow and continue through the weekend. Not enough good weather for the project.

Next RV, can I have a roof that isn't RUBBER? Please???

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