Saturday, February 03, 2007

This week we were at Kings Mountain, NC.

One would think, then, that I went to Kings Mountain State Park. Actually, that is just across the border into South Carolina.

Where I went to go hiking was Crowder's Mountain State Park.

There are lots and lots of hiking trails there, and backpacking campsites - no I was not tempted - it was very very cold that week.

Once upon a time, the land this park was on was a World War I artillery range. If you find a piece of ordnance laying around (very rare, actually), don't touch it, leave the area, tell a ranger. On the other hand, if you find my right glove, which I dropped along the lake trail, email me!

It's black, part suede, part knit. When I realized I'd dropped it I retraced my steps and hiked the lake trail a second time - to no avail. The funny part is that when I stopped in at headquarters to see if someone had found it, someone had turned in a black glove. Not mine, though. What are the odds, at the end of January?

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  1. I live near there and try to hike, walk, jog...never run...Crowder's Mtn at least once a's tough...the lake is a beauty tho...and it's rarely crowded.


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