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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I might want one of these swings
in my yard - except that today it IS in my yard.

I'm parked at Franklin Park at Purcellville, walking around this garden spot. It's a memorial garden, actually.

Plants and trees and benches and garden swing... many of the plantings bear plaques indicating in whose memory they were planted.

I've seen people spend an awful lot on funerals. I've promised to haunt anyone who does that upon my demise. What I'd want is a Native American style scaffold like in the beginning of Windwalker. Probably illegal in this neck of the woods. But - Plant a tree! Adopt a highway! Clean a stream! No funeral, no embalming, no fancy casket. No permanent piece of real estate. I have spoken.


I saw this on the walkway.

So is it that someone marked where a ground dwelling spider lives? Or what?

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