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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I had a particularly neat weekend last weekend.
I had worked in Leesburg and Purcellville, and realized that I was very near my friends Chris and Pat, so I arranged to spend the weekend with them.
We had lots of fun.
They are involved in a demonstration project, arranging for the amazing amount of good wood cut down in the city to be actually put to good use instead of just dumped in the landfill or ground in the big chipper trucks. So we went to the Green Festival in DC. Lots of interesting booths - everything from reforestation projects to specialty organic coffee.

We also went shopping in Poolesville, MD, near their home. This

is the old town hall, which also was a bank in a former incarnation.

We stopped at Poole's Store,

which was the first business in the area and is now a museum/gift shop.

On my way back to Virginia, I had to stop and take pictures of this shop because I have never ever seen so many birdhouses!

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