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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bingo! Eureka! I found it!

I don't eat sugar any more. For various reasons, like for instance I no longer take tums at an alarming rate. I don't miss heartburn.

I do make a breakfast shake of protein powder, ground oatmeal, orange juice and milk. Normally I use MLO protein powder, available at Kroger, unsweetened and economical.
This week I'm working so close to last week's job that I didn't go home in between. I ran out of protein powder and there are no Kroger stores up here. Food Lion, Safeway, Giant, but no Kroger. I checked all 3 chains and some drug stores and health food stores.

Not only do they not carry MLO, the brands they DO carry are all sweetened with something. There are many many names for sugar. Most of them end in -ose or -ol. Read labels - you'll find out what's really in the food.

At Healthway Natural Foods in Purcelleville, though, I had to make choices. They had at least 5 different unsweetened protein powders to choose from. This is a high quality problem ;) They also have an excellent selection of other good stuff. They're having their grand opening October 28th from 11-4 and I wish them great success.


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    So what kind of ground oatmeal do you use...


  2. Hello, Anonymous.

    I use regular Quaker old fashioned oats and whizz them in the food processor.

    That's for the shake.

    For eating oatmeal, I prefer the scottish oats.

    If you're interested in nutrition and shakes and stuff, may I refer you to the source of my shake recipe:


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